Nothing to Say

Time just keeps moving on, and I have found myself short on words. I don’t know what to say or what to think. I suspect that I’m in good company.

Despite recent world events, I have had the best year. I’ve had the sweetest little class this year. My peers have been so kind and encouraging, and I have looked forward to my days at school.

And it came to a stop.

I have mixed feelings. I have often said, “I’d give anything to stay home with my favorite man.” Now I’m home and I feel terribly guilty. I miss my babies. I’ve been asked to move to on-line teaching, which is challenging. I feel like a dinosaur and I miss the face to face contact with my children. Phone contact, emails, text messages, and Google Meetings don’t take the place of the classroom.

Go home.

This is the beginning of week 6 of the social distancing/quarantine/stay home order. I think we are doing the right thing. We can’t ensure that children are going to participate in social distancing or practice hygiene. Heck, adults are struggling with it. How can we expect children to follow best practices?

Practice safety.

So during this pandemic, as we try to understand COVID-19 and what is safe and what is not, I will try to follow the rules of the day. Quarantined with two grandchildren, and three adults, I follow a new routine filled with Homeschooling, binge watching Call The Midwife, looking forward to the next on-line meeting, and Facetime with family that I cannot see and miss terribly.


I’m surprised that I am not worried. For the past 7 years, we have learned to take one day at a time, not to plan too far in advance, and to enjoy each and every moment. As much as I miss our “normal”, I enjoy being home with my family.

Pampering helps.


I am thankful for my faith and God’s promises to me and to my family that no matter what, He will be with us. More than anything, in this time of uncertainty, I know that I will spend eternity with many of those that I love most.

May you all find JOY amidst uncertainty and comfort in knowing that God is still in control even if the world is not. May families be reunited soon. Until that time, may God lay his hand of protection over our sweet babies.



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