Brand New Beginnings

The Bobolinks have arrived in Maine and have taken refuge in one of the fields on the farm. We had a “hot date” at my brother’s recommendation and walked into the field to listen to the songbirds and their offspring that have settled in the hayfield. They are migrant birds that will travel 4-5 times around the world in a lifetime. They orient themselves with the earth’s magnetic field and use the starry night to guide their travels. It makes me think about new beginnings, and change, and how exciting and terrifying it can be.

This week our daughter was offered a fifth grade position, teaching Language Arts in El Dorado, Arkansas beginning August 1st. She will leave in 3 weeks. We are excited for her, because she is following her dreams and there is no better time to give it a go. She is excited and terrified, and we are proud and sad. It would make it so much easier to say goodbye and send her off if we couldn’t stand her.


In August, our son will be back in the states to reunite with his family in Florida for a couple of weeks. In December they will be heading to Japan for 3 years. They may not make it home for a visit between his time in Bahrain and leaving for overseas and this has been another hit to this Mamma/Nanny Bear. I miss them all so much and I’d give anything to spend some time with them before they have to leave.


It’s been a month and our youngest continues to do well with her new family. They are going to be spending much of the summer on Matinicus Island, off the coast of Maine, while he fishes for lobster. Thankfully, they live close by and we can get baby snuggles quite often. Our youngest grandchild will be 6 months on the 26th and we continue to be amazed at how well our daughter has adjusted to motherhood. She is a natural.18921801_887382721399939_7680284345950009597_n

So many new beginnings…

It makes me think about the Bobolinks and their love songs, their magnetic pull to the earth, and the night sky that guides them home. I can’t help but think about how those birds relate to how I feel about my babies and how deep my love is for each and every one of them. I truly believe that the magnetic pull that connects our souls will always bind us together and that the stars will bring them home. My prayer is that they will know that their father and I, like the Boblink would circle the world 5 times over to get to them, because we love them beyond what words can express. It is my prayer that we have been successful at preparing our sweet “Boblinks” to take flight, and that God will provide us comfort as we step back and encourage our babies to fly.




  1. Nothing makes me happier than mt time with our two grandchildren, Sophia who is 4 and Anthony who will be a year old the end of July. Happily they bought a house only about 20 minutes away. The kiddos are better than any medication the myriads of physicians can prescribe.

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