A Bo-Bo, a Baby, and a Bride

It’s been a crazy Spring on the mountain. I had my toes operated on over April Vacation, and after 2 rounds of antibiotics and a whole lot of bandages, I still am not back to 100%.

The bumps that I had on my toes have been replaced with scar tissue that is numb to the touch and tender. I still wrap them to wear a shoe, so I am in sandals 99.9% of the time. It’s not miserable, just irritating. It could be so much worse, and I am thankful that it is over. Hopefully they obliterated the root systems so that I don’t have to go through that again. However, I am somewhat suspicious that my cute little podiatrist from India just wants me to keep visiting. Perhaps we should set up a coffee date instead of another appointment. She is truly adorable.

19029568_10213010930050249_6967951911087829994_nThe baby is such a blessing. Our youngest grandchild lives just 2 miles down the road- just close enough to send home when she’s fussy, and close enough to swipe for baby snuggles, giggles, drool, and to play with. She is 5 months old and loves snatching our glasses off our faces, sucking on our chins and giggling up a storm. What a sweet blessing for our family! Red headed and blue-eyed, she is the apple of her mother’s eye. It is most fun to watch our baby with her baby. Amidst all of life’s stresses, our daughter displays patience and nurturing beyond her years. We just couldn’t be more proud.

Our Anniversary… We celebrated our 30th on the 23rd. I always psych myself up for these occasions, and then they pass just like any other day- a bleep on the radar actually. Only our 30th was a big deal to us. Two years ago I prayed for this day. After we received the diagnosis, I feared we wouldn’t make it this far. So, May 23rd was a milestone for which I am truly thankful. We celebrated at home alone with chinese take-out in our quiet home on the mountain.

18699545_10155428390978184_5732466872041376072_oThe month of May was filled with wedding preparations. Like the conductor of an orchestra, our oldest daughter did all the planning. She designed the baby shower & wedding, organized family members by assigning specific responsibilities , and in the end, honored her little sister by pulling off a beautiful ceremony. The highlights of the day: a family dedication and a Daddy/Daughters dance with both girls…just in case. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her help. She took so much off our plates and we will be forever grateful. 18952629_10213010929850244_6252858089937748770_nWe now have extended family that not only includes a son-in-law, but a new step-grandson, which brings our grandchild total to 4.

More than anything, we are so happy to have our children doing well and getting along. It brings such joy to see our girls enjoying each other’s company and playing with the children together. Our son and his beautiful bride will be reunited in November and then their sweet family of 4 will be headed overseas, provided they all pass their medical exams. Although they will be gone for 3 years, they will be together and that’s what matters most to all of us. Bahrain is a long, long way from Florida.  Secretly, I had hoped they would surprise us for the wedding…wishful thinking, but I admit I had hoped. I miss them so much, my heart aches. I’d give anything to have them nearby.

But just like that, we have entered into June. In 8 days I’ll be home for summer vacation. I’ll teach summer school, and help my favorite guy around the house. I’ll mow, and weed, and take lots of visits to the ocean. I’ll eat too much ice-cream, watch our favorite movies and TV series over and over, and catch a few naps in the sunshine. I’ll look forward to baby snuggles, and visits with friends and family. We will reminisce about days gone by, and look forward to the days to come.

I am determined to take one day at a time and to notice each and every bountiful blessing.







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