Every Little Thing

th-1I found my glasses today. I lost them in the raspberry patch last summer. I looked for them on repeated occasions. Others joined in the hunt. A neighbor even brought over a metal detector. We had no luck, so I gave up and ordered a new pair.

This morning, we were inspecting the plants to see what made it through the winter. I looked over and there they were. They were laying in the dirt, still in tact, with little sign of damage, having withstood the brutal elements for nearly a year. I am thankful to have them back.

Recently my husband and I have been forced into reliving a very challenging and painful part of our marriage in order to encourage another couple. It was during the child rearing years, when my husband was working for the company he helped to manage. Life was very busy and our house was very full. Some of the events I have not thought about for quite some time and it has illicitted a variety of emotions.

And then we found the glasses. I can’t help but think about how we, like the glasses, have  withstood lots of trauma- hard, pounding trauma that just never seems to let up. We have had to dig and scratch for everything and often can barely keep our head above water. Why is that?

For my own sanity, I have thought about this long and hard.  I understand that there may be multiple reasons why adversity is allowed: to discipline, to prune, or simply because we live in a fallen world. I get that. But why do bad things happen to good people? My daughter suggested that maybe people like me are hand-picked to do what is needed. Maybe God knew that I’d remain faithful and be the advocate that I need to be for my family. Maybe it’s not about me. Maybe he has allowed challenges, so that others can learn by watching? If that is true, that puts the pressure on to be a quality role model. It makes me wonder if my behavior will encourage others in the future? Maybe my example could save a marriage? Maybe, like Job, the Lord wants to know if I mean what I say, even when the heat’s turned up? I have no answers as to WHY, but I have faith that every little thing will be okay, and today this calms my soul.

So, on this happy day- the day that my glasses have been found relatively unscathed, I can’t help but feel hopeful that in the end, like the glasses, I will be okay despite the weather.


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