Another Year Wiser?

It is New Year’s Eve. Another year has passed. It is a natural time to reflect, to create new goals, and to start clean once again. I tell my students that “Every day is a new day.” So is tomorrow merely a new day?

It is amazing how my life perspective has changed. I have developed some great “real world shocks”. I should get extra credit for being able to dodge, recalculate, and regroup. I have to admit that I haven’t done it alone. There are key people in my life that have made it much more bearable, and for that I am so grateful.

I am proud of myself. I have successfully peeled off a few stubborn pounds (and have a few more to go) by focusing on good nutrition with a slow and steady gait. Physically, I feel much better than I did a year ago. My diet approach: use what worked for me from every diet I have ever tried: a little of this and a little of that. I have learned that it takes very little food to sustain me and even less to lose weight. This bums me out because I love to eat. So, I hold myself accountable by keeping track of my calorie intake and eating very simple meals. When I am at the top of my game, I eat mostly lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and fruit for snacks. I limit breads and dairy to a bare minimum, and have little to no sugar. In 50 years, I have learned that sugar is my enemy. If I have a little, I crave a lot. I won’t leave it alone. It is ridiculous. I have to be stubborn, pray daily for will-power, and accept being hungry most of the time.

Dieting is a lot like exercising. It stinks while I am doing it, but I feel so much better when I stick to it. I am determined to be 50+ and fit. I received a Fitbit for my birthday last year and received an upgrade this year. I love it. I have become much more aware of how often I move. I have taken more walks with the dog as a result of my new arm band, weeded more gardens, and shoveled more snow without complaining. I’m proud of myself when I meet my daily goal, and excited when I go beyond.

I am getting more rest. No I am not. That is a lie. However, I do track my REM sleep and encourage myself to take more naps with my favorite man. It is forcing me to STOP and enjoy cuddling with him, while getting recharged. I rarely meet my sleep goal and am happy to get 6 hours of good rest. It does help me to recognize WHY I am struggling when I am having one of “those days”.

I am determined to be positive. Yes, sometimes I get scared and overwhelmed.  Sometimes I feel defeated, anxious, angry, and frustrated. However, I refuse to hang out there. Maybe that is why I am ending 2016 feeling like, “That wasn’t so bad.” It is true that we endured a whole lot, but everyone has STUFF. It’s all about how I choose to handle it, and I choose to file it and move forward.

Life is like one huge GPS that recalculates constantly. Change happens, and we can fight it, or go with it. I have learned to plan what I can, and tweak when necessary. I will control what I am able and let the rest go. I am determined to be the best ME, that I can be. I am going to take care of myself by doing what makes me happy, and healthy. I am going to enjoy each day, smell those roses and live my life because I only have just one life to live and I want to do it well.

May you all have a healthy, joy filled 2017 with a phenomenal real world GPS.





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