There are few truths that you can hang your hat on.

Every day is a new day, and I will be okay because I am a strong woman with big faith.unknown-1

This has been a long week. We had 2 visits to the Emergency Room and 55 hours in the hospital on top of a highly publicized presidential election that elicited strong emotions from American citizens, while I worked full time. It has left me exhausted in every way possible. Surprisingly, I have been fairly resilient to both the challenges and changes.

This week was rough. I had to leave my husband home alone, hoping and praying that he would be safe while I returned to work. By Thursday noon, we headed back to the hospital. His Bp, which had been dangerously low last week, was dangerously high this week. It had doubled as a result of removing 2 Bp medications and drastically reducing 2 others all at once. I feared that he would crash and he did. Every medical professional that looked at him had a different philopsohy of both the cause and the treatment. It is a huge guessing game, and without a good advocate who keeps a very close eye out, it could result in catastrophic results. (It’s a good thing he has a wife with a Type A personality who has OCD tendencies and is an organizational maniac.) In the end, they put him back on the meds they took him off of last week, just at a weaker dosage. I had to bite my tongue not to say, “I told you so.” But for the record… I told them all so. It’s a wonder they didn’t kill him.

How do I cope?

For me, it is about the encouragement of friends and family. I live for the texts and sweet gestures that tell me that I am cared for and thought of. I realize that everyone is busy with their own lives, but I need them so that I don’t lose my mind. This week I received coffee, sweet treats, a gas card, and a lunch visit from a good friend. He received visits from friends and family and was honored at a Veteran’s Day concert, during the first couple of days. He really enjoyed the attention and it was a huge blessing.

imagesHowever, my faith is not in PEOPLE, because PEOPLE are just PEOPLE. We all fall short, but He does not. It has become clearer to me that in the end, it will be just me and my Maker. So, I am bound and determined to make sure that my relationship with him is solid. When life gets tough and I get scared, I lean in. I throw up my hands and I give him everything I’ve got. I give him my home, job, kids, and my husband. I give him my finances, pets, family, talents, and my health.

James 2:16 says; If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?

I suspect that we don’t hear from some people because they don’t know what to do. We all have good intentions and we are all busy, so here are some things you can do to help:

  • PRAY for us and remind us often that you are there. If we don’t hear from you, we assume that we are “out of sight, out of mind”.
  • WRITE. We really enjoy notes, cards, and emails. Tell us about what is going on in your life and add pictures. We are very isolated and don’t get out much. We love to see what others are doing.
  • STOP IN. You don’t have to stay long, but we just love seeing people. The best time to visit him is 10:00 am and noon or after 4:00 pm because he needs to nap every day.
  • CALL. He doesn’t use his cell phone much anymore, but he always answers the house phone.
  • COME get him. Take him to a Men’s Breakfast, to a local ball game, or fishing.
  • INVITE us for a visit. We would love to come see you or watch your child play a game.
  • BE THERE. It doesn’t matter what you do. Something is better than nothing. We just need to hear from people, and know that we matter to you.
  • BE FLEXIBLE. Sometimes he doesn’t have patience. Sometimes he is too tired. Sometimes he will turn you down. It is part of the package. Just keep asking. It means a lot to be asked, even if he just can’t bring himself to do it.
  • When in doubt, offer coffee, sweet treats and stop in for a short visit. We all need a friend with an ear and a strong shoulder. Maybe we can be a blessing to you as well.

In the end, I want to be sure that I become a more attentive human, who actively prays and helps others because of my own experiences. May I be an example of God’s commitment and never-ending love, in all that I do and say. May this time of testing and trials not be a waste and that I learn the lessons that God has put in my path. May I walk in faith, with my shoulders squared and my head held high, knowing that He is handling it all, even the small stuff.


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