Life Is Good

Life is good when the people in my circle are doing well. Right now, my husband is stable and relatively happy. He struggles with Chronic Headaches, and his back aches because he carries ridiculous loads of wood every day. But overall, he is at ease, and because of that I find myself much more positive. He is content most of the time. He cleans, keeps up with the laundry, and has been enjoying baking. Yesterday he made spice cake! He plays solitaire on his iPad, watches crime shows, and feeds the fire all day every day. He putters and stays fairly active.  I even got him on the treadmill for a 30 minute workout this morning! He has enjoyed plowing snow twice and has appreciated being able to drive his truck, even if only in the driveway. It is warm in the house and we like watching the snow while we drink ridiculous amounts of coffee.  We are happiest when we are together all day long, so we are beyond thrilled to have a 3-day weekend.

Our son, his wife and the grandkids are happy and content as well. Our son serves in the Navy and is in the process of signing up for his mandatory 1 year away from his family. Our daughter-in-law and the kids are planning to move in with us while he is away and it warms our hearts that she wants to be with us during that time. She is looking forward to “sister time” with our girls while finishing her BA in Criminal Justice. Her goal is to work with rehabilitation. Once our son is through with his tour, he wants to join the State Police. We are beyond thrilled with the idea that all our children would be near by. It would be tough to take all those gatherings that include concerts, dance, sports activities… <really really big smile happening here>

Our middle child continues to teach the fourth grade. She and I tell people that we “team teach” because we brainstorm on the phone all the way in to school every day, and debrief on the way home. I love that we have the teaching connection. She has an independent streak, but yet we talk every single day. This week we had a scare as she called from the side of the road. She sailed into a ditch in a snow storm and was sitting in a snow drift. Thankfully, she rocked the car out of the pile, escaped without any damage, and new tires are going on over the weekend. Being 2+ hours away is rough, but she has a support system both at school and in the city. She is truly happy and this allows us to sleep at night without worrying.

Our youngest lives just 10 minutes away. She has returned to school with a focus on Autism Studies, and has picked up a part time job that she is enjoying. Her boyfriend got a job in town and is working full time. Neither one travel very far, so it is a lot easier on the car that they share. Diagnosed with Graves Disease this fall, she has struggled with frequent vomiting, but is beginning to feel better now that she is taking her medication faithfully. It is nice to have her close by to check in on her father, yet allowing him to be independent. It certainly makes it a lot easier for me to go to work, knowing that she is close by and keeping a distant eye.

1917095_10207513919360166_4318870308436199680_nRecently, our oldest daughter along with her dance teacher of 11 years (and good friend of mine), organized a 50th birthday party for me. It is the first one I remember ever having. We have always gathered with the immediate family for cake and a special meal, but never a party where other’s were invited. Although the weather did not cooperate, 19 people surprised me with an ice cream cake and items to take on vacation. I felt special and pampered. It was a wonderful day. Friends and family collected enough money for plane tickets to Florida. So next month we’ll celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday with our son and his family, while digging our toes in the sand.

For a short time, my husband struggled with patience with the dog. His cousin tried to take her for us, but Kindle wouldn’t play nice with their dog. As a result, she returned home to us 3 days later. I missed her so much. The good news is that he and the dog seem to have called a truce and she has been good company while I am at school. A low dose of medication seems to have also helped with the aggression. As a result, my husband is happier, which pleases me more than I can express.

My parents are staying healthy and my brother and sister are doing well with their families. My friends and coworkers are fairly happy and content. This means, I am too. Contentment is contagious and I am trying to surround myself with people who have the same mindset. I am trying to focus on what is going well, to smile a little more, scratch my favorite pets on the head a little longer, read for pleasure, get a little exercise, eat a little better, drink another cup of my favorite coffee, light a candle, and FaceTime my favorite grandchildren. I am focusing on doing good things for me, to find the blessings in my relationships, and find satisfaction in whatever circumstance I am in because nobody can do it for me. I have to do it myself. So today, life is good.





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