We’ll Keep the Memories

The book is finished.

It is odd to be able to find it on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1517524903/sr=1-1/qid=1451427800/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me&qid=1451427800&sr=1-1

Our daughter suggested that my husband and I begin to write blogs in order to help us to process the events of the past almost 3 years. She set us up in the fall of 2014 and told us to write. It was the best advice that I have received to date. It has been very therapeutic.

My husband and I opened up and exposed ourselves to family and friends in the blogs with the hope that we would encourage others through our experiences. Some of our posts are raw, filled with honesty and sorrow. Others are positive, while desperately seeking joy amidst the chaos.

I am blown away that over 8,000 people have read my blog since I started. In fact, in April of 2015 the blog Under the Magnifying Glass was viewed 835 times. That tells me something. It tells me that there are a lot of people out there who desperately want to know about Dementia and Younger Onset Alzheimer’s. It also tells me that people want to know what I see, think, and fear because they feel the same way. I know this because the other top blogs were on similar topics.

The blogs that I enjoy reading most are the ones that I can connect to. They give me information, insight, and encouragement. My personal favorites of 2015 include:

  1. elizabethhiggins.wordpress.com. Our daughter also writes her own blog. It helps us to keep an eye on her emotions as she processes her father’s diagnosis. It also gives us insight as to how our other children are doing as well. My favorite one of 2015 was: We Keep This Love in A Photograph, although I will admit that it made me cry.
  2. rustyhiggins2014.com. This is my husband’s blog. It gives me insight as to how he is doing, what means the most to him, and what he worries about as he progresses. I am glad that my daughter had him write when she did, because at this time he is having a difficult time putting words together in a way that makes sense and flows. In fact, toward the end of the summer, he confesses that writing became frustrating.
  3. missingjim.com. This is a blog written from the perspective of an Alzheimer’s Wife named Karen. I like hearing her raw accounts of how things are going for family. Her children are still young and her husband has recently entered a facility. It helps me to brace myself for what is upcoming and I find myself praying for her often.
  4. welcometodementialand.wordpress.com. This blog is written from the perspective of an associate professor of Gerontology and Family Studies. Elaine’s thoughts and input are very helpful and give practical advise for those on the front line. I look forward to her posts and find them comforting.
  5. I also follow Bolo Mikiela Rodrigues on FaceBook. He sings “Aloha Friday” with his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s and it gives me such joy to see how much he loves his father and how music keeps them connected as he shows an obvious progression.

So, as we slide into 2016 and dangerously close to the 3 year anniversary of my husband losing his job of 17 years, may we be an encouragement to one another. May we seek people who positively impact our daily struggles. May we provide care that affords our loved ones the dignity and respect that we would desire if the tides were turned. May we ask the questions that should be asked and provide safe environments for those we love so much, while allowing for as much independence as possible. May we set up a home that is quiet, without outside stresses in order to slow the inevitable declination. May this be the year that we set our sites on what really matters by focusing on our family and friends that can be counted on no matter what. May those of us on the front line continue to expose ourselves so that others know that they are not alone and cared for because loneliness is the worst. Hands down.

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