Giving Thanks


Have you ever had no words to say? Today I am thankful that in my weakness, the Lord has everything under control. It gives me comfort to know that all things work together for good because He knows that I love Him.

This week we finally received news that my husband qualifies for SSDI. For our family, this is huge, since it has been a long emotional wait. At this point, many of the things on my original “To-do” list are completed and before creating a “What’s-Next” list, I am looking forward to just spending some quality time with my husband and my family.

In 10 days our family will be united for the first time in a year and a half. One thing that I have learned over the past 9 months is not to put anything off. My husband is never going to be better than he is TODAY. It will take time to pay it off, but I won’t be sorry. The memories that this trip will create will be positive ones for our family of 8, and the pictures that we take will provide needed comfort in the future. The kids need this time with their father because this diagnosis isn’t just happening to my husband, but it is happening to all of us. I am so thankful that the kids and I will have this time together so that we can support my husband and one another.

I am thankful for my coworkers. I am overwhelmed by the kindness they have displayed toward me and my family. This week I had a meeting with the Administrative Team and I was overwhelmed with the understanding words they said to me. I feel so blessed and I will be forever changed by the support and encouragement of my coworkers through a very difficult time. I will never be the same.

Friends and community members have blown us away. They have rallied together to help us with meals, oil, monetary support, and encouragement. During the times when we were most frustrated, we could count on encouraging verses, coffee funds, pictures, phone calls, notes and letters, and care packages. You cannot put a value on TIME and we are so thankful for the time that friends and neighbors gave to us.

I am thankful for the car that my father picked out for us last year, and the time that he took to find and fix vehicles for our daughters. My parents have gone above and beyond to help us and to ensure that we not lose our home. They didn’t have to do that, but they did. They demonstrated true devotion and care for me and for my family. They are prime examples of unconditional love and I will forever be grateful for their help and guidance.

I am thankful for my father and my brother who found some projects for my husband to do during the Spring and Summer at the farm. They knew that he needed to stay busy and that doing odd jobs would help to keep us afloat. More importantly, it helped him to feel some pride and some accomplishment during a time when he was feeling defeated.

I am thankful for my home, for the wood that we put in the fireplace, and the hum of the furnace below my bedroom. It is our peaceful sanctuary and we are so blessed to live where we do. Our home in the winter is challenging. We live in a tough spot to keep plowed. There isn’t enough space to move snow, and the wind blows hard, but we love it on the hill. Today we thank God for the plow guy because we’d never get in or out without him.

I am thankful for my health. My husband hurts every single day and I am so blessed to be healthy so that I can care for him. I will never take my health for granted. Ever.

Friends, my good friends tell me to relax, to enjoy life, to smell the roses, and to not put off anything until tomorrow. I work too hard, I am too serious, and way too uptight. What I am learning is that I need to embrace each day, give thanks for the daily blessings, make the important things a priority, and let go of the other stuff. I’m going to work on playing more and working less. There is more to life than working so hard all the time.

May you never take one single breath for granted…
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.                                                          I Hope You Dance 

Lee Ann Womack


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