Tradition! Tradition!

Sometimes I can’t help but hear the famous song from Fiddler on the Roof, especially when I watch my family pick out the perfect tree for their favorite season. I love to watch my girls with their father, and to hear the laughter as my youngest tries to carry the tree on her own while my middle child snaps tons of pictures in order to document each and every outing. I can’t help but reflect on the years gone by. My kids are all grown up, yet they still feel young to me. Picking out the perfect tree has always been a family affair, for all who are around during the season.

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Today I think about my kids and how proud I am of them and although things continue to change, there are certain things we can count on. I am thankful that my son is beginning his own traditions with his little family, and how that little piece of normalcy will provide peace during a time of unrest. I expect that they all will continue to carry on some of the traditions that we began, yet they will create a few of their own. I wonder if years from now, our legacy will carry on through the traditions that we began so many years ago with our children: Homemade egg mcmuffins for Christmas breakfast, familiar cookie recipes, Christmas Eve service at the church after singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, opening just one gift at a time in order to make opening presents last as long as possible, singing about the Hawaiian Christmas at the top of our lungs, making grape nut snow ice-cream, creating snowmen using snow gear from the bottom of the closet, making snow angels in the dark, putting up Christmas lights, the village, and decorating for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. Some of my favorite memories are from the Christmas season, and I just love the memories that we have made and continue making. To my children, keep the laughter coming, and keep snapping those pictures. You make being your Mom a true blessing and I can’t wait to see another traditional Christmas at the Higgins Hotel.

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  1. Beautifully written, and perfectly said. I know you love our kids as much as I do honey, and I am so very proud of you and the family that we made together. “We done gooooood”. I too am looking forward to another Christmas at the Higgins Hotel!!


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