Today is Beautiful… Thank you David Dunn.

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A smile. A wave. A pat on the back. An encouraging word. A cup of coffee. A card. A note. A prayer. A gift card. A meal. A few groceries. A money donation. It might seem like little things, but they’re not. They’re big things.

Sometimes the day won’t ever end

Sometimes you just throw up your hands

It’s the little things sometimes

Sometimes the world has just gone dark

Sometimes your praying for a spark

It’s the little things sometimes

Right now it feels so hard to breath

Right now you’re asking God why me

It’s what you can see right now

Today is beautiful

When life goes wrong as it sometimes does, it means so much to know that there are people out there who are willing to hold us up, to give a hand up, and to encourage us. Because of the selfless generosity of others, today is beautiful.

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