It’s All In Your Attitude

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“You’ve got to work on your attitude in all you do and say…people around you are watching what you do…” I think about this song that I teach my 7 year-olds, and try every day to be the testimony that I need to be. I have a huge responsibility and I don’t want to blow it. Ultimately, I want to face this next chapter with a good attitude. I want to be the one that people look to for support and encouragement because I have been there and done that…and survived. I want my kids and my family to be proud of me.

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.” It seems like the secret to getting up in the morning and keeping my courage is coming directly from my faith, focusing on the needs of my family, friends, and students. It leaves me little time to think about myself. In order to keep my courage, I need to keep my eyes low and keep moving forward.

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I am not very good at playing, but I am working on that. I am determined not to waste one single moment. “All that you are, is so overwhelming.” Big Daddy Weave brings me such comfort. My goal is to stop trying to control everything and just go with the flow. I want to get on the bus and allow God to drive and be absolutely alright with whatever happens. Really okay.  Maybe God is testing me. Do I mean what I say? Will I bend under pressure? Maybe He wants to know if I’ll love him even if He removes some of the things I love most.

Today, “It is well with my soul” and I really mean it. More than everything, I am so very thankful for my family, the 28 years I have had with my favorite man, my home, my job, vehicles that run, people who have been coming to our aid, and God’s continued promises. “Lord I need you… Every hour I need you.” (Chris Tomlin)

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